The SISCON Centre carries out research activities relating to the structural monitoring of the Govossai dam (Abbanoa S.p.A.) located in the Municipality of Fonni (NU). The ordinary gravity dam, divided into 7 independent segments, is made of granite stone masonry and cement mortar, with concrete foundations.

Diga "Govossai" photogallery
Technology transfer - Diga "Govossai"

The monitoring system (designed by NowTech srl) provides inclinometric, accelerometric, and temperature measurements.

Diga "Govossai" photogallery
Diga "Govossai" photogallery

The activities are divided into:
analysis of the data detected by the monitoring and correlation to the filling level of the reservoir;
highlighting of any anomalies and / or alarm signals, the role of local temperature and meteorology, the role of seasonal filling cycles;
comparison with the data coming from traditional monitoring carried out by the management company Abbanoa S.p.A. and validation of the results.