The problem-solving approach that characterizes SISCON makes it possible to transform research results into innovative and highly technological solutions directly available to industry, companies and public administrations.

"Govossai" dam

The SISCON Centre carries out research activities relating to the structural monitoring of the Govossai dam (Abbanoa S.p.A.) located in the Municipality of Fonni (NU). The ordinary gravity dam, divided into 7 independent segments, is made of granite stone masonry and cement mortar, with concrete foundations.

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Technology transfer - Diga "Govossai"
Technology transfer - Monitoraggio strutturale

Structural monitoring

Structural monitoring has recently seen rapid development in terms of new hardware systems, data transmission systems, and software to process the transmitted data.

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Studies and research on the management and maintenance process of artworks located along the main transit arteries, whether road or rail, in collaborations with motorway concessionaires in implementation of the provisions of the Ministry for Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility.

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Technology transfer - MIMS
Technology transfer - Diga "Govossai"

Road tunnels

SISCON is conducting experimental activities for road tunnel maintenance and safety, as well as the validation of executive restoration projects in existing tunnels.

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