The SISCON interdepartmental center conducts studies and research on the development of methodologies capable of reliably estimating the strength of structural materials and, as a result, lowering the FC confidence factor, even in the absence of specific characterization tests, with the goal of promoting their direct application in the assessment of the state of health of all Italian infrastructural heritage.

Contrast frame

The SISCON center's contrast frame was specially designed and built to perform large-scale tests of large-scale elements and structures with lengths of up to 30m, such as bridge beams, trusses, prefabricated elements, and more.

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Prove di resistenza - Telaio di contrasto
Prove di resistenza - X Ray Diffraction

X Ray Diffraction

X-ray diffractometry (XRD - X Ray Diffraction) is a minimally invasive monitoring technique that finds an important application for determining the stress state of the reinforcement system of CAP structures.

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