Interdepartmental Center of the Politecnico di Torino for the applied research on infrastructures.

The SISCON interdepartmental center (Safety for InfraStructures and CONstructions) is a laboratory dedicated to the safety of both new and existing civil infrastructure. The strong interdisciplinarity enables the creation of cutting-edge and original solutions to challenging issues.

Applied research

In order to solve a complex problem it is necessary to study it from many points of view. SISCON aims to be a connection between industry and academia, with a constant exchange of information to apply research results to real problems.

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Technology transfer

The problem-solving approach that characterizes SISCON makes it possible to transform research results into innovative and highly technological solutions directly available to industry, companies and public administrations.

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The infrastructure sector's knowledge is constantly evolving, and SISCON actively contributes to disseminating new information and the most cutting-edge research findings to technical experts, with a focus on infrastructure management and safety in particular.

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