X-ray diffractometry (XRD - X Ray Diffraction) is a minimally invasive monitoring technique that finds an important application for determining the stress state of the reinforcement system of CAP structures. The measurement of the diffraction angle is closely related to the stress value present in the measurement area.

X Ray Diffraction photogallery

The reference standard for this technique is EN15305: 2008 “Non-destructive Testing – Test method for residual stress analysis by X-Ray Diffraction”.
The equipment supplied to the SISCON Centre is arranged on special supports to allow the device to be suspended even under the bridge slab, i.e. in the most significant zones for the characterization of the structural element. After removing the concrete cover and the protective sheath, the time required to measure the stress state is of about 10/15 minutes.

Prove di resistenza - X Ray Diffraction
X Ray Diffraction photogallery