The SISCON center's contrast frame was specially designed and built to perform large-scale tests of large-scale elements and structures with lengths of up to 30m, such as bridge beams, trusses, prefabricated elements, and more. The test apparatus is made up of a detachable modular corten steel frame structure with a bi-beam system and connecting crosspieces.

Bending moment stresses of 30 MNm can be induced by the frame. The attachment includes two load application systems that can be adjusted and positioned along the frame to accommodate various load configurations. Each load application system is outfitted with a pair of hydraulic cylinders, each with a capacity of 1200kN and a maximum stroke of 750mm, which are managed by a hydraulic control unit designed specifically for the SISCON center by ItalSigma.

The experimental support systems have a high load-bearing capacity, rotation and displacement for carrying out tests until breaking, and are mounted on steel portals that are adjustable in height and position on the frame. Over 60 devices were used to measure displacements, deformations, and accelerations for special tests on bridge structures in the first experimental activities, which were carried out in collaboration with the MastrLab of DISEG Department.